I forgot there was a double-header today and thank goodness, because my heart likely couldn’t have handled watching the first game. My husband was watching something recorded and I asked if I could put on the game. He said, “I just checked, it starts at 8:30.”

“8:30?” I thought to myself, “That’s odd. They’re playing Texas at home. Hmm…OH!! Darn! It was a doubleheader today.”

So we turned on MASN. Dempsey and Hunter were wrapping up the last game. Blah, blah 30-3.

WHAT??? What did they say? That’s impossible. No one scores 30 in a professional baseball game. This isn’t little league. Haha. That’s funny. I thought he said 30.

I looked on Orioles.com. Yes, 30-3 against the Texas Rangers. TEXAS!

HOLY SHIT!!! What the %^#*#@%^!!

There was a Sunday game back in the 80s when the Orioles were hating life and went through not only the entire bullpen, but had people like Elrod Hendricks pitching. My parents were at the game that day and we had a big laugh about it. I think that game ended around 18 runs.

But 30??? That has to be a record. Oh, Jim Palmer just said it was. Last record was set 100 years ago. Guess I can give up any hope of finishing above 4th this year. Some days, it’s really hard to be an Orioles fan. I guess in a way, I’m glad Wild Bill left before he could see that game. If he hadn’t, that would have been the last straw.

Blogger Matthew Taylor of “Roar from 34” has written a cathartic post about last night’s game. If you need a laugh like I did, check it out.

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