Holy Mother of God, we WON!

Let’s start with this quote:

“The more you refrain from judging every event in your life as either good or bad and trust that good can come from any situation if you allow it, the more you open yourself up and allow yourself to attract that which will bring you joy.” – Drew Rozell

Okay, that’s one perspective. The other is that some things are just GOOD, and tonight’s win is one of them. The ORIOLES WON!! Wow, they tried their damnest not to, not trying to let anyone stand in their way of finishing in last place, but somehow, the Gods deemed that they would overrule the Orioles burning desire to disappoint the fans and cause them great pain, forcing them to win a game against their will.

The Gods aren’t all powerful though because the Os still did cause us great pain. Recounting how we lost our six run lead to end the game 9-8 with the Sox scoring two in the bottom of the ninth would make me relive that painful experience and I refuse, since I’ve suffered through too many late inning losses this season already. Once is enough, night after night and there are plenty of bloggers who will provide you the gory details.

Believe me, there are so many times during a game when you have to fight the urge to jab a sharp stick in your eyes and gouge them out to save yourself future misery. Were it not for copious amounts of Vodka, I can’t say how disfigured I’d be.

Perhaps the best part of the game was Trembley showing his Weaver side, totally losing control with the ump and getting ejected from the game. Man, was it beautiful! I don’t even have words to describe the feeling that stirred inside of me watching it. If I had a time machine, I’d go back to 1979 in a heartbeat.

My husband just doesn’t know what to make of all this, but he’s learning. He runs into the room when I start shouting at the TV and will grab the remote and rewind the DVR to watch for himself. I love him for that.

Even so, he has still banned me from most shouting, making me go stand outside on the front porch to let out my stream of obscenities. Of course, there are neighbors, so I end up speaking in tongues as my eyes roll back into my head and my tongue wraps around my head and licks my eyeballs. I can imagine my neighbors are making up interesting stories about our fights, not being Orioles fans themselves, or having any idea what is sending me in apoplectic fits.

Anyway, we won!

Thank you Orioles gods, and may we make a sacrifice that is pleasing in your sight. Amen…

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