The Making of Tankeray

jeremiad \jair-uh-MY-uhd\, noun: A tale of sorrow, disappointment, or complaint; a doleful story; also, a dolorous or angry tirade.

Welcome to yet another jeremiad about the Orioles.

I should title every Orioles blog post “Yet Again, We Lost, We Had the Lead, but Decided We Were Just Kidding, We Really Don’t LIKE Winning.”

Here’s the short version – we were ahead by 4, early on, like usual, gave up the lead, as usual, then gave up more runs, as usual, then scored a couple more runs, but were so far behind there was no way possible to catch up, as usual.

Gary Thorne said, “Tonight though, that bullpen did not have it.” It reminds me of the weather in Tampa. The weather forecast is the exact same thing every day. In the winter, the temperature is 83 degrees with a chance of rain. Every day. The weather reporter could go on vacation and play the same clip and you wouldn’t know the difference. The Orioles are much the same way. The uniforms on the other team change, but otherwise, it’s the same predictable, painful pattern night after night.

Perhaps the most interesting thing was a “bad” call by the first base umpire in the 3rd inning. Tampa Bay’s Carl Crawford was called out at first, but he was safe by a hair. Perhaps. It was hard to tell even with the DVR. Crawford lost his mind. It’s not like it was the World Series and it’s not as if TB wasn’t going to win the game anyway. He jumped about three feet in the air and threw his helmet on the ground. In the end it made no difference. Tampa scored three runs that inning and tied it in the 4th. Then scored five more in the remaining painful five innings, starting with three in the bottom of the seventh. Does that sound familiar?

I made progress tonight. I didn’t curse once. I mentally prepared myself for the seventh.

If needed, I can always rely on Tankeray. It’s an Orioles-branded Moonshine created by some folks at Camden Chat. For sale during every Orioles game.

At the end of the game, I’m sure I looked disgusted (after we scored three in the ninth and it still wasn’t enough) and my husband said, “Just don’t watch.” Just don’t watch. More than remembering to call home plate, “home” instead of “4th,” I’ll know he really gets it when he understands why I watch and how I can say something seemingly illogical like, “I still enjoy watching them.” It’s true “enjoy” isn’t quite the right word, but until I figure out a better word, it will have to do.

So tomorrow, I’ll prepare myself for another loss, and I’ll get the Tankeray ready for Duck, dayzdtoe, merdon, Balto, theWaywardO, and Born Under a Bad Moon, and we will drink virtually to numb our pain.

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