Cough! Cough! Sniffle. Hack. Hairball. Cough!

Enchanting Sunshine throws back of hand against forehead in dramatic gesture. Oh dear. A terrible illness has come over me, preventing me from working today.


(Does it sound convincing or too much? A little over the top?)

If you’re not good at reading between the lines, I’ll explain later in a future post. There, some new drama that doesn’t surround Bedard.

Speaking of, my friend Chris and I rehashed the pros and cons of trading Bedard for about an hour last night. I’ve lost count, but it may be the fifth time we’ve had that same conversation, neither one persuading the other. Perhaps it points to my inherent pessimism that we’ll get any decent trades, because, do we ever?? and I’d rather hold onto the sure thing, especially if we’re not going to be great anyway. I appreciate his optimism and faith even though it’s completely antithetical to my past life experience. Bless his naive little heart.

That’s enough about that. I got a big day ahead of me so I have to wrap this up. In summary, I think it’s clear we’ve established Bedard should stay. Hope your day is sunshiney and bright, but I bet it won’t be as sunshiney and bright as mine. Sometimes, when life is getting you down and every time you turn around it’s moth invasions or Bedard being traded or some nonsense, you just have to make something good happen.

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