Happy Orioles Day!

Perhaps every Monday should be Opening Day. Not only have I been looking forward to this Monday, but in an unprecedented show of morning energy I bounded out of bed before the alarm. And I’m only watching the game on TV.

Though, I do have a long to do list today: update blog to bore precious few remaining readers (check), update Facebook status with a teaser “is so happy today because…To celebrate she is wearing…Can you guess?” (I had to disqualify one friend from playing, the rest will never figure it out. How sad is that). Contact MASN today and tell them again how very much I love them and the great joy they have brought me (along with commensurate suffering to my dear husband, who last week uttered a pain-filled involuntary, “Oh no. Already?” Already! Already indeed!). And the most difficult thing on the to-do list, try to focus on my work before the game. That will be a challenge!

Just like when I was growing up, I am so excited…How I love Opening Day. It’s all goodness from here. Spring, baseball, summer, outdoors, fun, play. Opening Day symbolizes all of these.

May you have a wonderful Orioles filled day. I’ll be back in touch later.

Now…do I wear my “Thanks Cal, I was there” tee, the plain Orioles tee or the Brooks Robinson tee? Or, the “Y n k s s c k, I want to buy a vowel” tee? I’ll save that one for tomorrow. Decisions, decisions!

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