I know I said I wasn’t going to use words like “chipper” this season to refer to machinery that should be used to ameliorate the ability of our staff, namely by freeing up some empty positions, and I’ve done well so far, don’t you think? (That is what is known as a “leading question.”) You must grant me some leeway here.

You know I have tried to love George Sherrill. I have. And I do. But he is still Triple Shot. In the bottom of the tenth (in Texas) after letting two runs score, he delivered two pitches that were driven into the warning track,with men on base. In the end, our Stanhouse (with a much sexier head) pulled us through, but it was a nail-biter finale. We all know people who grumble that baseball is boring. Maybe forcing them to watch a Sherrill ending would change their minds.

I know this is the same as last year at this time, but still, it’s hard to not feel a little hopeful. In the end, deep down we all know (even me!), it is what it is, maybe it doesn’t really mean anything. Even so, this is so pretty:


I can only think of one thing that would make that picture prettier.

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