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No New Words

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

One day it occurred to me that someone outside of my loving mother and the kind but clearly masochistic Mindpinball might read this blog. It is on the Internet, after all. But, prior to that day, I figured that my Orioles focused ventings wouldn’t garner much of an audience (if you can call three readers “an audience”–yes, I realize I am being a little free and loose with the word). I wrote my posts for their cathartic effects, needing an outlet that was not my long-suffering husband who deserves better than to listen to my frustrations about a team and sport that will never capture his interest. When it became clear that Jim Palmer (I love you Jim!) turns to this very blog for its deep insight and wisdom, I turned over a new leaf. Since that day, never wanting to offend anyone, I have tried to post somewhat kinder, if less honest, opinions about each game (except about Red Sox fans, who I really, really hate). Usually, as you might have noticed, that has left me speechless.

If you saw yesterday’s game and the one before it, you might expect that this post is going to be about how utterly discouraging and depressing it is to be an Orioles fan these days. But, on the contrary, I feel more optimistic than ever. Yes, it’s true that we have some challenges with our pitching, but we’re working on that. Our fielding and batting are good and despite our recent crushing losses, the future looks bright.

Or maybe I’m just numb to it all and have lost all expectation of winning.

In other words, yes, we lost again and there isn’t really anything new to say about it. I’m just not that creative–because that sort of creativity is outside the realm of human capability. We’re close though. Really, really, close…

(Look at that! I managed to write an entire post without employing the word “chipper” in reference to an Orioles pitcher. I, too, along with our dear Orioles, am making wonderful progress.)