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Happy New Year!

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

Happy New Year Orioles fans! I hope that 2010 is full of love, health, and riches in all things that bring joy to you. This is the time to also hope that our beloved team somehow finds a way to provide us with a season that does not leave us pondering our masochistic tendencies while we watch and wonder how fans of certain other teams, though thoroughly soulless, are able to cheer remorselessly and gleefully for teams that win — or at least don’t lose in record — no, it’s the season of joy, so the remainder of that sentence will remain untyped. In short, I wish you a year and season without rue. And for me, I wish a chance to touch Cal Ripken, Jr. again, and maybe, if it’s not too fantastical, maybe Eddie Murray and Earl Weaver. (Dreams came true last year, so why not dream some more!)

Again, I apologize for such a long delay since my last post. Contrary to all logical supposition, my lack of posting is not due to my utter despondency about the Orioles, nor the utter hopelessness that our beloved team will ever see both quality pitching and batting on the same roster. It is not a result of this blog author submitting herself to an Orioles treatment program for depression (only because one does not yet exist – the actual market for such a service being so small — though desperately needed for that small market). No, no. My lack of posting is due only to the limited number of hours in the day. And sometimes, the lack of imagination to say in a brand new way, “Huh! We lost. Funny, that,” or “The Orioles hurt me bad. Bad.”

New Years is always a time for me to make a long list of resolutions — some of which are never realistic, like finishing everything on my reading list, and some of which I actually manage to accomplish (I can’t think of any examples at the moment, but I know they exist). In the past I might have been wont to resolve to no longer complain vociferously about our team. I may have even once promised to not use the words “chipper” and the name of an Orioles pitcher together in the same paragraph. Recent years and this blog have taught me however, that I am weak of character (and mind) and the futility of such promises only assures that I will have just one more reason for self-loathing, one more reason to regard myself as a failure and screw up. Sure, I feel mean and judgmental when I make such statements, but at least I achieve a temporary outlet for the frustration that is being an Orioles fan and loving, despite all reason, a team that elicits a response of laughter and “WHY!?” from anyone outside of our circle. (If you have to ask, I could never explain it to you. And go get a soul you idiot Red Sox fan.)

So may 2010 bring many more Orioles friendships and reason for us to cheer everything in our lives outside of baseball, as well as the pleasures of our favorite past time, even if very few other people understand its appeal or our loyalty and devotion to a hobby that causes sometimes real and physical pain (and occasional alcoholism). Count on much more complaining emanating from this url, and occasional unrealistic and unwarranted enthusiasm. Virtual love and hugs to you and many thanks for your friendship and patience in reading this blog.

Happy, happy 2010!