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I grew up behind Memorial Stadium. Every home game, if I wasn’t at the stadium, I could hear the crowd cheering and the crack of the bat, and most likely was listening to the game on the radio. Rex Barney’s voice is beautifully embedded in my psyche. My parents had box seat tickets and my first memories are of sitting behind the Orioles dugout and exploring every inch of Memorial Stadium. I know it like the back of my hand. Of course, when I was older, my friends and I loved to sit with Wild Bill in Section 34, though for my straight-laced ways, some days the pot smokers were too much.

I’ve never met anyone who had a better childhood than I did. My parents weren’t rich financially, but they gave us a childhood rich with memories. Life has been pretty much downhill since I moved away and Memorial Stadium was torn down. How could it measure up?

Now, I live in Charlotte and after eighteen years of being deprived of the Orioles, MASN made an agreement with my video service provider. I don’t miss a game. I schedule events around the Orioles. If I won the Lotto, the first thing I would do is buy a house near Camden Yards and attend every single game for the next season.

I started a meetup group here, but like much else, it’s been a disappointment. I am alone here in the diaspora except for my virtual Orioles friends. I’m grateful at least, for them.

For new readers to my blog, I’ve composed the following glossary of terms you might see:

    Ys–This refers to the American League team in New York who wears pinstripes. I don’t soil my mouth with that word, and likewise, in an effort to protect your eyes and to not sully the page, their odious name is abbreviated.
    Os–The Baltimore Orioles. Duh! The Os are abbreviated for a very different reason than the Ys are, as a term of affection.
    Cabrera Nine/HBP–Daniel Cabrera, who last season caused my eyes to bleed several times, has turned around a bit and is less troublesome to watch, though still very unpredictable. He recently pitched nine full innings. That was good. But on average, the man is still wild and usually hits at least one batter per outing. At this point, it’s the thing I most look forward to when he pitches. I want to see how high he can get his HBP count. I say he should go for a record, especially when we’re playing the Red Sox or the Ys. As of August 4, 2008, it stands at 15 and does not reflect all the very narrow misses.
    Triple Hot–George Sherrill. Especially when he is hatless, he melts my butter!
    Triple Shot–George Sherrill when he’s loading the bases in the ninth. So named because I need a triple shot of vodka to get through the inning.

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