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By Scott! We’ve won!

Saturday, September 8th, 2007

What a game!! What a day!

I had some friends over for dinner and I have to admit I was a bit nervous that I was going to have to forego watching the game. I informed them ahead of time that the Os were playing the Sox and it was just a fact that at 7:00 we’d be watching, but I thought, realistically, as a good hostess, them not being fans of the game, I couldn’t really subject them to baseball, let alone the Orioles. However, when game time came, they willingly agreed to sit and watch (the joys of polite guests) and I wasn’t going to miss my opportunity.

So I was watching when Scott Moore hit a grand slam! I can’t tell you the rest of the specific details before that because I was trying to be engaging with my guests while glancing back at the tv every chance I could. We were scoring runs like nobody’s business and I was glad that since my friends had limited exposure to the Orioles, they were getting to see something redeeming in my team. I was particularly glad that the Orioles were playing reasonably professional looking baseball so that I didn’t accidentally say any bad words in front of their four sweet children. (Their children are adorable! Hannah, the youngest at 7, is so precious, you could eat her up.)

My friends left after the big inning and I got to watch the rest of the game in peace. What a game it was. I pulled out the scorecard I downloaded from Microsoft and kept score for the first time in at least twenty years. We had such a big lead that when the Sox predictably scored a run in the top of the ninth, it didn’t put our winning in jeopardy.

And the very best thing about the game? Boy, were those Red Sox fans quiet!!

Tomorrow is going to be the bomb. We wanted to go to the Greek Festival on Friday night, but then I would have had to miss the game, so we decided to put that off until tomorrow. So Greek food, leftovers from dinner today, lots of fresh fruit, and the Os.

Then, we start packing for our vacation.