Orioles Memories

You know you’re a hopeless Orioles fan when the day after Wild Bill Hagy dies, you can’t concentrate at work, and have to check the Baltimore Sun’s website 100 times to catch up on the posts in tribute to him.

For this reason, I have decided to create the Orioles page where I can compile these memories from my childhood.

Baltimore Orioles season summary page.
Former next door neighbor, Marilyn, is quoted in this Wild Bill tribute article.
Video of Wild Bill in his/our glory.

Favorite Cheers:
– Come on Ken, put it in the bull-pen!
– Come on Lowenstein, hit the National Bo sign!
– Come on Decinces, hit it over the fen-ces! (A stretch, we know.)
– Come on Al, hit a homerun now!
– Come on Cal, hit a homerun now! (after Cal started, obviously)

Why We Loved Them
Favorite pinch hitter: Terry Crowley (10)
Most painful to watch: Don Wildhair Stanhouse
Best base stealer: Al Bumbry (1)
Best fielders: Mark Belanger (7) & Brooks Robinson (5)
Favorite pitchers: Jim Palmer (22) and Mike Flanagan (46)
Best catcher: Rick Dempsey (24) – blocked the plate, prevented the steal and cheered with the fans.
Best 7th Inning Stretch: Thank God I’m a Country Boy
Best PA Announcer: Rex Barney (“Give that fan a contract” and “thank youuuuu”)

Click here for pictures of Memorial Stadium.

Memorial Stadium 1994
Aerial View of Memorial Stadium 1994

At Fenway before Orioles game
Before the Orioles Game September 2006. The Orioles won and I gave the Red Sox fans a taste of their own medicine. I relished every minute of it! My husband was a little afraid, but I didn’t care. I had a lot of years of payback to give.

3603 Yolando, January 2008
My childhood home in January 2008. Heartbreakingly in disrepair since my mom sold it in 1999. The bushes my parents planted when I was young are still healthy. The rest of the house looks rough. The storm door is missing and the back of the property looks like a dump ground. All the loving hard work my parents put into maintaining the house for forty years undone in a short time.

The Wall
Betsy and Cathy’s House and “The Wall” where we spent many of hours just hanging out together with twins Robert and Paul, Jimmy C, Jeff “couldn’t keep his hands to himself” W, Jeff, Michelle from Tennessee who talked funny, Yvette, Tracy, Valerie, Hateful Krissy who we frequently wished to get by a car until she did (she was fine but we never again said things we didn’t mean after that!), and Matt, who taught me the constellations and who we loved to tie up and tickle. Also, a view of the top of the sleding alley on the rare occassion there was enough snow. It was a great life!

'Stadium Place'
Looking on what was once Memorial Stadium at the Yolando Road entrance

1979 Cheryl Clements and The Orioles Bird
The Bird and Cheryl (my mom)

Oriole Ballgirls Adele and Sherry
Ballgirls Adele and Sherry, and Number One Fan Crystal

Oriole Ray Miller
Ray Miller with Number One Fans, Betsy, Cathy, and Crystal

Oriole Dennis Martinez
Dennis Martinez with Number One Fans

Oriole Eddie Murray
Eddie Murray with Number One Fans

2007 Orioles
Tankeray, Liquor of Losers
Tankeray, the Liquor of Losers, Moonshine of the Orioles. Copyright 2007, daydztoe.

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